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Cover: What Can't Wait

What Can't Wait

By day, Dr. Sarah Derry manages the SC STEM Hub and a busy family life. Still, she makes time to read each night, and her choices often involve books with a STEM element. Today, she’s sharing one of her favorites: What… View →

Cover: The Disturbed Girl's Dictionary

The Disturbed Girl's Dictionary

“These pages vibrate with Macy’s fury, beat with her enormous heart, and take flight. I wanted to burn down the whole damn world and build a new one worthy of her. Instead, I started the book over to witness again the alchemy that turns brokenness into a thing of beauty.… View →

Cover: The Knife and the Butterfly

The Knife and the Butterfly

“Like Ashley Hope Pérez, I have been a teacher in inner-city Houston and a writer of young adult fiction. I am in a perfect position to watch in awe as she completely nails our students’ experiences in her harrowing, heart-rending, and ultimately hopeful The… View →