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Cover: Sammy Spider's First Bar Mitzvah

“Josh’s family is invited to cousin Ben’s bar mitzvah, and as usual, Sammy Spider is curious. The sentient arachnid manages to stow away, first in the family’s tallit bag and later in Mr. Shapiro’s jacket pocket,
providing Sammy (and readers) with a close-up view of all the proceedings. Sammy describes the prayers, singing, carrying of and reading from the Torah that he observes, as well as the congregation joyfully
showering Ben with small candies to wish him a sweet life filled with Torah and good deeds. Rouss’ well-established series has become the go-to source for introducing Jewish holidays and customs to the very
young. Kahn’s collage artwork hits just the right note for the intended audience—colorful, fun, and uncluttered, while staying informative and respectful in tone. As well, this fills a niche for this age group, and the emphasis on religious significance rather than partying will please observant families. Pair this with Isabel Pinson’s Bubbe’s Belated Bat Mitzvah (2014) to complete the celebration.”―Booklist

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Sammy Spider's First Bar Mitzvah
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