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Cover: Best Gymnastics Teams

“The All-Access Gymnastics series will thrill readers with its comprehensive look into the legendary world of the sport. Each book takes a deep dive into different aspects of gymnastics. The series includes bright colors and photographs to draw the reader into the true stories of this incredible sport, and the short, simplified text is perfect for young readers. In Best Gymnastics Teams, readers learn about the finest teams from around the world, such as the first U.S. team to win an Olympic team medal. Epic Gymnastics Moments features some of the most exhilarating stories of routines, moves, and moments from Olympic history. Included are Nadia Comaneci’s 1976 Olympics bar routine, Kerri Strug’s 1996 vault routine, and all of Simone Biles’ 2016 routines that earned her the label of the Greatest of All Time. Gymnastics Superstars discusses some of the sport’s top-notch athletes, such as Mary Lou Retton, the first American gymnast to win the all-around gold medal, and Japan’s Dakai Hashimoto, the youngest male gymnast to win both the World Championship and Olympic gold medals. History of Gymnastics takes readers on a journey through time from gymnastics’ ancient beginnings to becoming an official sport in the early 1800s to its modern-day glory. Each book includes a glossary of terms and a valuable list of resources. This attractive series will draw in readers of many types and will leave them in awe of the inspiring world of gymnastics.”—Booklist

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Best Gymnastics Teams New! Spring 2024
Epic Gymnastics Moments New! Spring 2024
Gymnastics Superstars New! Spring 2024
History of Gymnastics New! Spring 2024
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