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Cover: Explore Rovers

“Scientists are helped by robots or rovers that collect information from different places in space. In this general nonfiction text, the author provides information about the history of rovers and some of the data they collect. Find out what is being planned for rovers and the challenges for constructing these future robots. See color pictures of different rovers that scientists have designed and used, some with labels identifying each rover by name. Read about the recent (2021) Mars helicopter and its purpose. A diagram shows some of the parts of a rover. Includes an index, a glossary, and a list of resources for learning more. Children interested in space will enjoy seeing the pictures of the different rovers. Teachers may use this book to supplement a unit on space exploration. This book is part of the “Exploring Space” series which provides brief information on rockets, satellites, space probes, space stations, and telescopes. Reviewer Rating: 4"—Children’s Literature

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Explore Rovers
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