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Cover: On the Hunt with Grizzly Bears

“Canine teeth that are long and sharp are one of the features of this predator, the grizzly bear. This book begins with a description of the fierce grizzly, then continues with its physical characteristics and features that make it a top predator in the food chain. Read how the mother bear cares for her cubs and prepares them for survival. The “Wow” insets provide additional information about this animal. Color photographs illustrate some of the features of the grizzly. General facts about this bear are summarized and can be found at the back of the book along with a glossary and an index. Includes an acknowledgment for content consultants. The author’s note includes the challenges the grizzly bears face for their survival. Children with an interest in animals in the food chain will find this title helpful for understanding the apex predator. Teachers may find this and other books in the “Ultimate Predators” series to be a good addition for a study unit on food chains (specifically predators). Independent research will be needed to locate additional resources on the topic. Other series books feature animals such as eagles, sharks, and owls to name a few. Reviewer Rating: 4" –Children’s Literature

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On the Hunt with Grizzly Bears
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