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Cover: My First Dino-Basketball

“This book is part of a series of board books that introduces young children to various sports through appealing, dino-centric characters. Basketball is the subject of this action-filled book. Illustrations accompanying the developmentally appropriate, minimal text depict dinosaurs entirely focused on playing basketball. Adult readers will appreciate the brevity of the text, which may work well with the attention spans of the intended audience. Although there are few words, they provide introductory terminology which will prove to be useful child readers are older and players/fans of the sport. The book provides wonderful opportunities for building receptive and expressive language using words such as hoop, dribble, pivot, and lob. Other words such as shoot and pass offer opportunities to embed gestures into the reading, making it even more engaging for young listeners. The books in this series are also good resources for building print awareness, encouraging readers to point at the cover and other aspects of the physical book. Reviewer Rating: 5”—Children’s Literature

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My First Dino-Basketball New! Fall 2022
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