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Cover: My First Dino-Football

“This colorful and engaging book is part of a series of board books that introduces infants and toddlers to various sports. The focus here is football. Fun-loving dinosaurs and those who are fierce-looking run up and down the filed of green until one team celebrates victory at the end. The author’s reliance in just a few words works well with the attention span of the intended audience. While the text is brief, it is rich in introductory terminology, which will come in handy when the child is older and perhaps a fan of the sport. The book provides wonderful opportunities for building language using words such as jersey, pads, huddle, touchdown, and field goal. True football fans will appreciate the attention to detail in the colors of the uniforms. Packer fans will most definitely notice the green and gold adorning one dino-team. Reading this book with a toddler is a wonderful way to build background knowledge and develop vocabulary. Reviewer Rating: 5”—Children’s Literature

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My First Dino-Football
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