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Cover: Meet Stephen Curry: Golden State Warriors Superstar

“The illustrated “Sports VIPs” series is designed to give young fans an up-close look at the lives and achievements of some of the greatest athletes of modern times. In each book, some of the career-defining moments of the spotlighted athlete are presented. Such important moments are used as a jumping off point to present readers with biographical information designed to give a fuller look at the athlete and their accomplishments. Each volume in this sports biography series enables readers to learn about the background, family life, accomplishments, and setbacks that have led to such highly acclaimed careers. All of this is illustrated with numerous color photographs of the featured athlete in action. At the end of the book, readers will find career statistics and a list of additional they can use for more in-depth analysis of their performance. This selection from the series puts Golden State Warrior Stephen “Steph” Curry who in the spotlight. Curry is an outstanding basketball player whose unique long-range shooting talents have helped revolutionize the way professional basketball is played. Curry comes from an athletic family; his father, Dell, was a fine professional basketball player with the Charlotte Hornets, while his mother, Sonya, played three sports in high school and was a collegiate volleyball player. Curry’s brother, Seth, is also a professional basketball player who has played in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Steph Curry holds virtually every record in NBA history in terms of long-range, three-point shooting. In fact, it can be argued that Curry’s uncanny ability to hit extremely long jump shots has fundamentally altered offensive strategy in NBA basketball. Curry’s talents are a key element in the success of the Warriors, a team that has won four NBA championships since he joined the franchise. Curry’s on the court achievements are matched by his off the court charitable contributions, as he has donated substantial amounts of time and money to good causes. Steph Curry’s athletic and charitable accomplishments are well-presented in this concise biography. Readers who wish to learn more about an athlete who is able to balance the responsibilities of his profession with a charitable demeanor will enjoy this book. Reviewer Rating: 4" —Children’s Literature

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