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Cover: My Pet

“What are some pets that a child might have? How might they care for this? This beautifully illustrated text helps to identify the answer to these questions for emergent readers. Part of the “I Care” series of leveled texts, this book supports readers in learning ways to function within the world. This is a single text within the set, which pairs both fiction and nonfiction texts for readers to experience both genres at early ages. Each text incorporates repetition of lines to support emergent readers as they participate in the act of reading. The high-quality text allows readers to use the pictures to help figure out the story, if they complete a good picture walk prior to reading. This specific text is a non-fiction text level A with lots of great characteristics for this developmental level. It presents opportunities for readers to engage with a supplemental discussion of the pets within the text, as well as to gain the context of care each pet needs. The illustrations contain a diverse representation of characters in both race and gender. Additionally, it integrates an apartment complex as the home for all the characters. While this is a great text, the inclusion of a table of contents might be a bit premature and unnecessary. Reviewer Rating: 5" –Children’s Literature

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