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Cover: LeBron James: NBA Superstar and Activist

“LeBron James remains one of the all-time greatest professional basketball players to ever play in the National Basketball Association (NBA). James was scouted throughout his high school career and his arrival in the NBA in 2003 was highly anticipated. A native of Akron, Ohio, he was glad to be drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers so he could represent the people of his home state on the court. From the outset of his career, James proved himself to be a stellar performer on the court. He possessed a unique set of athletic skills, an amazing combination of power, speed, jumping ability, deft ball-handling, shooting skills, and a brilliant basketball IQ. Over nearly twenty years, LeBron James has dominated his chosen sport, playing in numerous NBA championship series, winning four league titles, and scoring more points than virtually every other player in league history. In many ways, LeBron James is the ultimate success story, having grown in poverty and achieved fame and fortune. Off the court, he has been extremely charitable and socially active on issues that mark him as a man of high integrity. James has also taken social and political stances that are both quite public and grounded on his belief in democracy, social justice, and anti-racism. He has helped people build new homes, find jobs, attain quality education, and otherwise get a leg up to escape poverty. It is the story of this NBA superstar that is ably presented in this illustrated biography. In presenting the life and times of LeBron James, Schwartz does a nice job of balancing her focus on his basketball achievements, his family history, and his activism. The end result is an informative and authentic portrayal of a man whose talents as a professional athlete, social activist, and philanthropist combine to make him a person worthy of respect. Reviewer Rating: 4”—Children’s Literature

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