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Cover: Netta and Her Plant

" ‘It’s Tu B’Shevat today,’ the teacher explained. ‘Your name, Netta, means ‘plant,’ and now is the time to plant.’ So opens this picture book about the Jewish New Year for Trees, celebrated on the fifteenth day of Shevat. Although Tu B’Shevat isn’t explained within the text, a brief concluding afterword clarifies. At school, Netta and her teacher plant a seedling together on the holiday, then Netta brings it home to watch it grow. As Netta outgrows her crib, so the plant outgrows its pot. Soon her mother grows too, and Netta welcomes a little sister. The refrain ‘The plant grew. Netta grew’ continues throughout, all the way until the end, when the once former sapling is finally planted in the ground. Time passes quickly here, and a lot of different events occur, which may be confusing for some kids. Still, this is a fine introduction to the Jewish holiday and showcases the loving bond between Netta and her family. The softly shaded illustrations add additional warmth." — Booklist

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Netta and Her Plant
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