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Cover: Don't Sneeze at the Wedding

“This happy tale about a sweet young girl participating in her aunt’s wedding manages to deliver Jewish marriage customs in a subtle way. The tension over “the sneeze”—can flower girl Anna get through the ceremony without sneezing?—is the picture book’s foreground. Its background holds the symbols and customs of a Jewish wedding. The well-handled interplay of foreground/background delivers the message while entertaining with lighthearted fun. How many ways can you stop a sneeze? This slim book offers six, including one from the rabbi. Does Anna make it? Tots will learn about this life cycle event before they find out. Wedding details include ketubah, chuppah, wine, rings, seven blessings, and breaking glass. The illustrations add to the text: dominated by pink, the wedding party theme, and colors that complement it. Pleasant characters in traditional roles—hairdresser, florist, photographer as well as rabbi, bride, and nervous relatives—move gracefully with highly expressive faces through the well thought-out, well-formatted book. This fiction is fun, informative, and nothing to sneeze at.” — AJL Reviews

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Don't Sneeze at the Wedding
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  • Soon! Spring 2021
  • New! Fall 2020
  • New! Spring 2020

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