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Cover: Dads


31 Days, 31 Lists: 2020 Picture Books

You know how 4th of July fireworks will end with an incredible light show that goes on for a seemingly endless amount of time? Well, consider this the light show of the 31 Days, 31 Lists!! Today I end with the biggest, longest list of them all. Picture books galore!

It’s been a wild and crazy ride this month. I have never, EVER, been so happy to welcome in the new year. So let us all lift a glass to better times. To children’s books reflecting the world around us, giving our kids something to aspire to. To great writing, beautiful art, and profound wackiness. 2021, here we come!!!

Dads by John Coy, photographs by Wing Young Huie

Probably the most realistic, truthful, honest, fantastic collection of dad photos I’ve ever seen produced for kids . . . um . . . ever. You’ve got Mennonites on one page and Hmong on the other. You’ve got young dads and old dads and rich dads and poor dads. Huie writes that he just went through his own archives to find these images, and what that means is that this isn’t just some random accumulation of stock photographs. Heck no! These are art. Each one, art. All brought together under the auspices of Coy’s text.

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