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Cover: Rise & Shine: A Challah-Day Tale

“While playing dress-up in the attic with her brother Sammy, Sophie discovers a crumpled piece of paper in an old apron pocket. Unable to read the strange words, Sophie and Sammy rush to Shalom House to ask Grandma Gert for a translation. The scribbles turn out to be an old family recipe for making challah written in Yiddish. What follows is a rollicking intergenerational baking lesson in the retirement home’s kitchen with flour flying, eggs cracking, and yeast rising. The end result is six loaves to share with family and friends on Shabbat. Told in simple, lilting rhymes and illustrated with wide-eyed, happy, and helpful characters, Rise & Shine is a sweet story about the joy of baking and a ‘challah-day tale’ worth sharing. Includes a challah recipe. (Karen Ostrove has authored and illustrated Judaic children’s classics including Only Nine Chairs, Fins and Scales, The Modi’in Motel, and Poppy Seeds, Too.)”—AJL Newsletter

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Rise & Shine: A Challah-Day Tale
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