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Cover: Emanuel and the Hanukkah Rescue

“With softly lit pastel artwork and a clear, exciting narrative, this picture book blends the history of Jewish persecution with a young boy’s role in a gripping rescue story. In eighteenth-century New Bedford, Massachusetts, nine-year-old Emanuel’s father owns a whaling supply shop, and Akib’s images show the young boy on the bustling wharf, entranced by the ships that set out in search of whales, whose oil is used for lamps and candles. Emanuel’s family fled persecution in Portugal, and even now, Emanuel’s father warns his son to keep their religion a secret. During one Hanukkah, when Emanuel’s family and their Jewish neighbors do not light the menorah candles, Emanuel decides to stow away on a ship, after leaving a note for his father. During a bad storm, the local lighthouse is damaged, but the Jewish community, inspired by Emanuel’s note, does light its Hanukkah candles after all, and the glow brings the ship home. Parents and teachers will find many discussion opportunities here, while kids will enjoy the action of the boy who leads the way.” —Booklist

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Emanuel and the Hanukkah Rescue
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