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Cover: Kugel for Hanukkah?
“It’s Hanukkah time, and the family gathers every night to light candles, open presents, and enjoy a different
flavor of latkes. Grandma receives some interesting gifts (dried cranberries, chocolate chips, cinnamon
sticks, and vanilla), but the unnamed protagonist’s gifts are very strange indeed (a metal lamp, a
thermometer, a spray bottle, and a ceramic bowl). By the last night, it’s clear that Grandma has received
ingredients to make a cranberry–chocolate chip kugel (recipe appended); but the young girl is confused
and disappointed. However, while she helps Grandma cook, the rest of the family busily assembles her real
gift: an iguana and habitat. Kudos to Everin for finding a unique take on Hanukkah, no small feat given the
proliferation of titles about this celebration. Ashdown’s cheerful, cartoon-style art features googly-eyed
characters usually depicted sitting on the couch. Careful observers will note that the girl’s thought bubbles
reveal what she would really like (a kitten, puppy, turtle, etc.), while Grandpa’s socks reflect these wishes.
Not essential, but certainly fun.”―Booklist

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Kugel for Hanukkah?
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