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Cover: Hannah's Way

“After Papa loses his job during the Great Depression, Hannah and her family move from Minneapolis to rural Minnesota, and suddenly she is the only Jewish student in her school. Hannah hopes that a weekend class picnic could be her opportunity to make friends, but her hopes are dashed when Papa reminds her later, ‘You know that Saturday is our day of rest. We don’t work or drive on the Sabbath.’ In a touching conclusion, Hannah’s classmates offer to walk the two miles with Hannah to the picnic spot. Glaser’s elegant text works well with Gustavson’s painterly illustrations, which play with shadow and light to effectively capture emotion. An author’s note reveals that a true story inspired this picture book that could open up discussion on a variety of topics, ranging from the Great Depression to Jewish traditions, and is a heartwarming reminder that the smallest actions often have the largest impact.” —Booklist

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Hannah's Way
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