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Cover: Stones for Grandpa

“Grandpa Duke taught his young grandson many lessons, such as how to wish on a shooting star, tie Boy Scout knots, and be brave when catching a frog. However, the hardest lesson he passes on is how to accept a loved one’s death. When the little boy accompanies his parents to the unveiling of Grandpa Duke’s tombstone, he recalls the difficult first year of celebrating the holidays without his grandfather’s reassuring presence. He also remembers special times with Grandpa Duke as he looks through the keepsake box filled with Grandpa’s belongings and sits on his mother’s lap viewing family photographs. When the boy becomes scared that he may wake up one morning and forget his grandfather, his mother reassures him that ‘memories made of someone you love never get lost’. The idea of remembrance is reinforced as family members and friends gather at the cemetery to share stories about Grandpa Duke and to place stones on his monument. Aviles’ illustrations are done using acrylic paints on Italian paper and are rendered with a softness which echoes the text’s soothing tone. Stones for Grandpa is a gentle approach to a difficult topic and can be recommended to parents along with Wishes for One More Day by Melanie Joy Pastor (Flashlight Press, 2006) and Where is Grandpa Dennis? by Michelle Shapiro Abraham (URJ Press, 2009) as potential keys to unlock a child’s silent grieving and to promote a healing conversation.”—AJL Newsletter

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Stones for Grandpa
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