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Cover: Football Superstar Tom Brady

Fishman, Jon M. Football Superstar Tom Brady Biog. Bumba Bks.: Sports Superstars Series. Lerner, 01/2019. 24pp. PLB $26.65 978-1-5415-3849-8, PB $8.99 978-1-5415-4577-9 LOW ADDITIONAL GRADES PRE-1
SERIES REVIEW: These very brief biographies feature two short sentences per page, accompanied on the facing page by a large color photo of the athlete in action. Other than saying why the athlete is popular, there is no biographical information included (such as birthplace or date). Photos are all readily findable athletic action shots, and not one is from growing up or off the field/out of the gym. The titles are so brief that they may disappoint readers looking for a more in-depth perspective on a favorite athlete. Joshua Rees, Daly City PL

Fishman, Jon M. Gymnastics Superstar Simone Biles Biog. Bumba Bks.:Sports Superstars Series. Lerner, 01/2019. 24pp. PLB $26.65 978-1-5415-3850-4, PB $8.99 978-1-5415-4578-6 LOW ADDITIONAL GRADES PRE-1
Please see series review for Football Superstar Tom Brady by Jon M. Fishman.

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Football Superstar Tom Brady
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