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Cover: A Heart Just Like My Mother's

“Anna’s mother is renowned for her kindness, creativity, and outgoing humor, which makes Anna feel they have nothing in common and that she will never live up to her mother’s exceptional qualities. After noticing a hungry man asking for money outside their frequently visited deli, Anna can’t get the image of the man out of her mind and quietly decides to make a tzedakah box in which she collects her own money to provide bagels for the hungry man. In doing so, Anna discovers that it is her generous spirit that is the special characteristic she shares with her mother. The theme of selfless, anonymous giving is relayed beautifully, without being overdone, and Anna’s insecurity in comparing herself to her mother is a valuable concept to explore for children who may feel diminished by the abilities of those around them. Cis’s beautiful illustrations, often double-spread, complement the text.”—Association of Jewish Libraries

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A Heart Just Like My Mother's
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