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“Molly is looking forward to spending the summer at camp with her friends when her parents tell her about a change in plans. She will be visiting her father’s family in Israel instead, spending an entire month staying with them and getting to know them. Her paternal grandparents speak no English and Molly is afraid that no communication will equal no relationship and no fun. Israel seems like a foreign and strange place and Molly is sure she will feel uncomfortable and out-of-place the entire time due to lack of Hebrew-speaking skills and her resentment of a forced change in her summer plans. But when Molly arrives in Israel surprises await. Each is a revelation, and each opens her mind bit by bit. Her English-speaking aunt brings her to a kibbutz where she has fun and she begins to learn about her family and their roots. She gradually sees more of the country and becomes fascinated by the sights and stories she encounters. Slowly, Molly begins to realize that Israel is a treasure chest filled with discoveries. The culture is interesting, the food is interesting, and different does not always mean terrible. Her Israeli grandparents teach her that effective communication can start with smiles and
welcoming gestures and that learning each other’s language can be a labor of love. The story takes place in 1986 and the descriptions show an Israel very different than the country it is today. The descriptions of Israel and the subtle historical lessons which accompany them combine with the story of a maturing young girl to form a satisfying tale.”—Association of Jewish Libraries

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Pickled Watermelon
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