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Cover: The World Needs Beautiful Things

“Artistic passion and talent are rewarded in this delightful rendition of Exodus 31 when God tells Moses that He has chosen Bezalel, whom he endowed with a divine spirit in every kind of craft, to build the Mishkan. The picture book shows these talents. Bezalel starts as a young child, a slave in Egypt. Beautiful things can make him forget his slavery. He collects special objects in his ‘Beautiful Things Box’ which he insists on taking on the Exodus march across the desert and through the sea. He collects objects too big for his box in his mind. God asks for his own Beautiful Place, stating that everyone can find something of beauty if they know where to look. Looking, seeing, finding, thinking beauty are the spectacular gifts of Bezalel. He pulls out the beautiful ideas stored in his mind and his box, encourages ideas from his fellow Israelites and guides them in the actual construction and decoration of the Mishkan. God gains a magnificent place to dwell. The sprightly text features personal dialog from Bezalel, his parents, Moses, and God. The charming, mobile, earth toned illustrations enhance the text, advance the story and deliver a little-known Biblical hero to readers age 4-7.”—Association of Jewish Libraries

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The World Needs Beautiful Things
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