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Cover: Way Too Many Latkes: A Hanukkah in Chelm

“Faigel, a woman living in Chelm — a village where silliness prevails — has forgotten her beloved latke recipe, in which she makes a latke for each neighbor at Hanukkah. Her husband, Shmuel, asks the wisest man they know — the rabbi — how to make the latkes. The rabbi says to use all the potatoes. Faigel is doubtful, but uses them all. Next, she needs to know how many eggs to use, so Shmuel asks the rabbi. ‘Use all the eggs you’ve got,’ he tells him. The process continues with the onions, until… ‘Oy! We have too many latkes! If we eat all the latkes, we’ll get bellyaches up to our eyeballs,’ says Faigel. It’s a fun story with an outlandish theme and a hint of wisdom perfect for a holiday read-aloud.” – The Washington Post

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Way Too Many Latkes: A Hanukkah in Chelm
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