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Cover: The Cholent Brigade

“The Cholent Brigade by Michael Herman, illustrated by Sharon Harmer. Young readers will giggle at the main character’s name: Mr. Monty Nudelman. Monty is the guy who shovels everyone’s walk after a snowfall, but after one storm he hurts his back. When he misses shul, everyone says a mi sheberakh, and multiethnic Jewish families from all around the neighborhood send their kids to bring him cholent and good wishes. Everyone chows down, and on Sunday, the kids come back and shovel Monty’s sidewalk. There’s a recipe for cholent (made with BBQ sauce! What madness is this?) at the end. Riotous curly hair, soft clouds of snow, and textured-looking sweaters add to the low-stress fun. (Ages 4-7)” – Tablet Mag

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The Cholent Brigade
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