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Cover: All Eyes on Alexandra

“Readers learn some nature facts as they follow intrepid Alexandra Crane and her feathered companions on a migratory trip to Israel. The art is captivating: representational, tempera-and-colored-pencil images that include a thin stripe of red ink to outline each graceful crane. Every illustration is a beautiful complement to the text, whether showing international city skylines, vivid natural wonders, a brightly painted cable car, or a threatening eagle. The simple plot’s protagonist is identifiable from the rest by what appears to be a thin, bright-red ribbon adorning her neck. The text begins with this bold-lettered sentence: “Alexandra Crane had her head in the clouds.” Several members of Alexandra’s immediate and extended family express concerns over the young female’s tendency to favor adventure over regimen. However, right after this discussion, Alexandra sniffs the air and reports that she smells snow. The Crane family cheers when the older Saba Crane agrees that this is the signal for the birds to begin their annual flight to Africa, via Israel. The text uses gentle humor as it describes the flock’s preparatory preening. During the trip, family members continue to express concerns over Alexandra’s adventurous nature, and her intelligence and curiosity continue to help the flock. The ending, although sweet, is a flat repetition of the oft-repeated theme. Nonetheless, graceful text and exquisite artwork combine to create an appealing book. A good choice before nap time or bedtime or as a complement to units on migration. (author’s note about Israel’s Hula Valley) (Picture book. 3-6)" – Kirkus Reviews

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All Eyes on Alexandra
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