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Cover: The World Needs Beautiful Things

“Even as a slave in Egypt, young Bezalel found beautiful things to collect and keep in his Beautiful Things Box, in this story for ages 3 to 8, The World Needs Beautiful Things by Leah Rachel Berkowitz, illustrated by Daniele Fabbri. When the time suddenly came to leave Egypt, Bezalel’s parents told him to leave his Beautiful Things Box behind. ‘You don’t need all those stones, strings, and bug wings,’ he was told. But he took the box anyway, and in the desert, he offered his beautiful things for the Mishkan. Because Bezalel found beauty wherever he was, god selected him to design the Mishkan. Beautifully told and illustrated, youngsters (some will need encouragement) will understand the point of the story and start to see beauty in unexpected places.” – Chicago Jewish Star

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The World Needs Beautiful Things
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