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Cover: The Passover Parrot, 2nd Edition

“In celebration of the 35th anniversary of its initial publication, Kar Ben has issued a new edition of The Passover Parrot with full color illustrations. Leba is finally old enough to ask the four questions in Hebrew at her family seder. Her neighbor is moving out of town and gives Leba her pet parrot. Leba wants to practice the Mah Nishtanah, but the entire family is too busy to help. Hametz , the parrot, is soon chanting the Four Questions , phrase by phrase as Leba practices. During the Seder, Hametz is banished for repeating after Leba! There is a problem when the afikomen can’t be found. Leba saves the Seder with a little help from Hametz. The bright new color illustrations enhance the original text. Most of the drawings are reminiscent in style and format of the original. The illustrations help to modernize the story, though it has an intentional 1950’s flavor. One of the brothers now wears jeans and the two pages at the end without illustration, used to create a suspenseful ending, have been eliminated.” – Association of Jewish Libraries

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The Passover Parrot, 2nd Edition
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