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Cover: Summertime Blues: Book 2

Summertime Blues is the second book in the popular “Lou” series by Julien Neel. This was a wonderful story that had Lou and her mother traveling to Memaw’s place to spend the summer away from the city. Both Lou and her mother aren’t too happy about it since it’s in the countryside and supposed to be one of the most boring towns ever. But while staying in Memaw’s house, Lou’s Mom keeps in touch with Patrick, while Lou is down in the dumps from only getting a single undesirable postcard from her crush Tristan. Luckily, she finds friendship with another boy named Paul in town, and that gives Lou some incredible experiences for the summer that are sweet and humorous.

Summertime Blues has some of the same laugh out loud humor as the first book, and I loved the development of the relationship between the characters. It was great to see some of the recurring characters (Mina, Patrick, Tristan, Memaw, the cat whose name changes every week) along with some of the newer characters (Paul, Memaw’s next door neighboor, etc.) The artwork is colorful and vibrant, and I love the design of the characters. I think this is a wonderful series for kids/teens to pick up and something that I think adults can enjoy as well. Wonderfully illustrated and narrated. Lou is definitely an awesome teen for new readers to follow.

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