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Cover: The Apple Tree's Discovery

“Storytellers Schram and Davis team up to tell a tale about how unfulfilled wishes can make one dissatisfied with one’s lot in life. Way down on the forest floor, a little apple tree looks up at the night sky and sees stars which, from its viewpoint, seem to be hanging off the branches of the tall oak trees surrounding it. Tapping into the universal desire to fit in and be like those around it, the apple tree cries out to God to give it stars, too, for only then will it feel special. God reminds the little tree of its own unique gifts which manifest themselves with the turn of every season: having fragrant blossoms, being a resting place for birds, offering shade for nature lovers, and, by autumn, bearing beautiful apples. Even after hearing these gentle reminders, the apple tree remains adamant in its desire for stars. Only then does God show the little arboreal dreamer that it possessed all along the object of its heart’s desire. Lee uses a palette of greens, browns, blues, and reds in her watercolor illustrations to bring this nature story to life. A simple emoticon-type smile makes up the little apple tree’s primary expression. This story was previously published in the anthology Chosen Tales: Stories Told by Jewish Storytellers edited by Peninnah Schram. A version of the story was also included in Apples and Pomegranates by Rahel Musleah. Recommended.” —AJL Newsletter

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The Apple Tree's Discovery
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