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Cover: Thank You, Trees!

“This charming celebration of Tu B’Shevat marries Jewish tradition with contemporary environmentalism in a celebration of trees, reflecting the way the winter holiday is celebrated today in much of Israel. ‘On Tu B’Shevat/We thank each tree/For all it gives/To you and me.’ The art and the rhyming text are carefully pitched to a very young reader. Even the youngest will glean new appreciation for and respect of the environment: ‘Recycle paper,/ show you care./Weed and water./Do your share.’ Kristen Balouch’s jolly collage-like illustrations, done in a vaguely ’70s palette, have lots of orange, olive and faded blue. The backgrounds are a faux wood grain, which reinforces the book’s celebratory tree-hugging.” -The New York Times

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Thank You, Trees!
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