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Cover: Lights Out Shabbat

“A young boy is visiting his grandparents for a weekend in Georgia when they are all surprised by a freak snow storm. It begins after they light the Shabbat candles. The electricity in the house goes out but they continue with the meal. As the candles flicker, Grandfather tells stories about his childhood. The boy is so relaxed that he falls asleep dreaming that the snow is ‘a warm fuzzy jacket.’

In the morning, the boy makes a snowman with his grandmother and then they walk around the neighborhood. By the time they return their creation is already melting. His grandfather shows him stars through a telescope. Then he leads them in a blessing over wine to mark the end of the Shabbot: ‘Thank you, O God, for making all things exist.’ And the boy adds, ‘Like snow in Georgia.’ They continue the ritual by smelling spices and lighting a special candle before wishing each other a ‘Shavuah Tov,’ a ‘good week.’

Sarene Shulimson’s wonderful story with illustrations by Jeff Ebbeler beautifully conveys the bounties of the Shabbat experience as lived out by a boy and his grandparents. This cross-generational story of love and religious devotion has been designed for children ages 2 through 8 years. We hope that others will see that this morally rich tale can reach a much broader audience than the most obvious age group and religious tradition.” —Spirituality & Practice

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