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School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Cover: Historic Williamsburg: A Revolutionary City

“This series chronicles the development of well-known U.S. landmarks. Kids learn that the Gateway Arch is symbolic of St. Louis being a gateway to the west and that an artist named Lei Yixin was the sculptor of the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial. Handsome photographs are plentiful in all of the books, adding to their appeal. However, there are a few questionable moments. Mentions of American Indians in Yellowstone are spare, and the term enemy alien appears in the text and is listed in the glossary in Ellis Island. An appealing design will make these popular introductions among those curious about U.S. history and geography.”—School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Products Reviewed

Historic Williamsburg: A Revolutionary City
Mount Rushmore: Faces of Our History
The Grand Canyon: This Place Rocks
Yellowstone: America's First National Park
Ellis Island: Gateway to America
The Gateway Arch: Celebrating Western Expansion
The Liberty Bell: History's Silent Witness
The Statue of Liberty: A Welcome Gift
Fort McHenry: Our Flag was Still There
Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial: A Stone of Hope
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