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Cover: Komodo Dragons: Deadly Hunting Reptiles

“Students can put their critical thinking skills to the test with these well-designed and accessible titles. . . . Featuring a few charts and some eye-catching photographs, these selections are solid contenders in a saturated field.”—School Library Journal

Products Reviewed

Komodo Dragons: Deadly Hunting Reptiles
Tuataras: Dinosaur-Era Reptiles
American Alligators: Armored Roaring Reptiles
Leatherback Sea Turtles: Ancient Swimming Reptiles
Boa Constrictors: Prey-Crushing Reptiles
Panther Chameleons: Color-Changing Reptiles
Galápagos Tortoises: Long-Lived Giant Reptiles
King Cobras: Hooded Venomous Reptiles
  • Available in limited formats
  • Soon! Spring 2021
  • New! Fall 2020
  • New! Spring 2020

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