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Cover: No Baths at Camp

“It’s bath time at Max’s house, and he’s cranky about it. He grumbles that he’d rather be back at summer camp, because ‘there are no baths at camp!’ His mom is skeptical, so Max narrates a week of activities. From rock climbing to art class, marshmallow roasting to canoeing, there is plenty of messy fun, but no nightly bath. The week’s only shower comes in preparation for Shabbat, as the children first clean up the camp and then scrub themselves in preparation for a day of resting, singing, and stories. Max’s mother reminds him that they also celebrate Shabbat at home with music and time together as a family. He agrees, but gets the last word that camp is better because ‘there are no baths at camp!’ The narrative ends rather abruptly, as the illustration shows that Max has hopped in the tub in spite of his protests. The final spread shows that while there may be no baths at camp, the children spend plenty of time hosing off, splashing in the lake, and dousing themselves with water balloons to stay clean. Though the mixed-media artwork is fun and lively, the text is lackluster. An additional purchase for Judaic collections, this picture book may serve a purpose for children nervous about their first sleepover camp experience.” —School Library Journal

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No Baths at Camp
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