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Cover: Dinosaur Goes to Israel

“Our AJL colleague, Diane Rauchwerger, has charmed children with stories featuring a dinosaur who celebrates Judaism. In this, her fourth book illustrated by Jason Wolff, Dino joins his human friend on a visit to Israel. The book does more than tell the story of a wonderful trip around the Holy Land. Using simple and evocative rhymes and a visual sense of the country, the words and pictures show the characters in action as they experience the country in surprising detail. In Tel Aviv, Dino and his friend see the Agam Fountain in Dizengoff Square, visit the beach, and eat falafel at a vendor’s cart. In Jerusalem, they place their prayers in the Wall. They travel to Eilat for snorkeling in the Red Sea and see camels. They climb Masada (called ‘Mount Masada’ here) and swim in the Dead Sea. Finally, they shop at a shuk and buy something to use at home and remember their fabulous journey. Over the generations, beginning with Mamie Gamoran’s Hillel’s Happy Holidays, there have been memorable books that bring the Jewish festivals—and the state of Israel—to joyous and meaningful life for young children. In recent years we have seen several collections—by Sylvia Rouss, Deborah Miller and others—that kindle the joy of Judaism in preschoolers. This sweet and meaningful book should secure Diane Rauchwerger’s dinosaur among those series. It is highly recommended for all children’s libraries, and is enthusiastically recommended for pre-K through second grade (and for the young at heart of any age). It should be in constant demand; buy multiple copies.” —Association of Jewish Libraries

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Dinosaur Goes to Israel
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