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Cover: Potatoes at Turtle Rock

“The creative team behind Tashlich at Turtle Rock (2010) returns with another story about a Jewish holiday–themed hike. Once again, young Annie is the leader and narrator; the title refers to her giving two baked potatoes to each family member during a Hanukkah walk through their snowy woods. Annie explains that the potatoes serve multiple purposes: they’re touchstones of family history (as a boy,‘Great-Grandpop’ used hot potatoes as pocket warmers during wintry walks to his shtetl’s religious school), a makeshift menorah (‘Annie, you’re ingenious,’ says Dad, as she pushes six candles and the shammash into the spuds), and latke substitutes, eaten al fresco. Schnur and Schnur Fishman fill the family’s sojourn with snappy banter (asked to reveal something he’s afraid of, Dad replies, ‘The federal deficit’) while Steele-Morgan’s outdoor scenes capture the chilly blue light of the season.”—Publishers Weekly

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