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Cover: The Shabbat Princess

“Meltzer (Mezuzah on the Door) illuminates the concept of hiddur mitzvah, the idea that using objects of beauty during religious observances enhances religious practice. Young Rosie wants to make her family’s weekly observance of Shabbat extra special by doing more than just eating from their best dishes. She invites ‘the Shabbat Princess,’ along with the Shabbat Queen, and she enjoins her parents to help make their dinner more fitting for a princess. Bringing out the crystal candlesticks and shining the silver Kiddush cup reminds Rosie’s parents that their weekly celebration deserves a little sprucing up, that the return of Shabbat every Friday evening is like a regular visit from an honored guest and ‘deserves extra special treatment.’ Illustrations by Avilés (Fiesta Dress: A Quinceañera Tale)—in muted earth tones, pinks and purples, featuring lush textiles—bring alive the preparation of the evening meal. This appealing enactment of a Talmudic principle will appeal to early grade readers.” —Publishers Weekly

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The Shabbat Princess
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