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Cover: The Littlest Mountain

“This contemporary fable, based on a rabbinic legend in the Midrash, explains why God chose to deliver the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. While an early illustration depicts human domestic activity and violence, inset against mountain backdrops, the majority of Hall’s (Every Second Something Happens) full-bleed, pastel-hued paintings portray the singular beauty and identifying physical characteristics of each mountain vying to be God’s choice location. Rosenstock’s (Fearless: The Story of Racing Legend Louise Smith) story unfolds as the mountains boast of their merits; Mount Tabor proclaims, ‘God will choose me. Remember, I kept my head above water during the great flood,’ while the corresponding image shows a green mountaintop emerging from vast waters. In contrast, the narrator records that ‘little Mount Sinai,’ stands back from the crowd, until called upon by God. In a rhythmic narrative formula, God hears from each mountain and then responds, assessing the spiritual characteristics underlying the boasting, before rewarding the humblest mountain with the greatest honor. A predictable but satisfying tale.” —Publishers Weekly

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