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Cover: The Bat-Chen Diaries

This book is a selection of diary entries, writings, poems, and drawings of Bat-Chen Shahak, a 15-year-old Israeli girl who was killed by a suicide bomber in Tel Aviv in 1996. Although she died at a young age, Bat-Chen left be-hind a lot of herself, as the reader can see through her writings and pictures. After the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, Bat-Chen wrote a beautiful poem of condolence which she sent to Rabin’s widow, Leah. This poem is printed at the beginning of this book. Following the poem, the book is divided into the different stages of Bat-Chen’s short life. Bat-Chen describes her deep feelings towards family, friends, community, and life. After her tragic death, Bat-Chen’s family gathered up the memorabilia and organized it into this book. The book is attractive and easy to read, and Bat Chen’s writings are meaningful and inspirational. The book would have a stronger impact on the reader if there were accompanying narratives by family members and close friends, rather than just a summary of how Bat Chen’s life was cut short. The work can serve to show the reader that in spite of life’s difficulties, one can find beauty and meaning in daily occurrences that we often take for granted.

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