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Cover: Jumping Jenny

“In this fun, yet meaningful, story, Jenny is a jumping maniac who, at times, jumps herself right into trouble. After several mishaps and a tirade of disapproval, Jenny decides jumping is just not worth the trouble. Depressed, she mopes about. However, an opportunity arises in the form of a fundraiser; Jenny’s ‘pogo stick’ offers her the brilliant idea to jump in a jump-a-thon. She rounds up pledges and everyone helps her practice to reach her goal. When the big day finally arrives, her $1 per jump pledges actualize as she triumphantly hits 1,000 jumps. By using a medium that most children can relate to, this story is an excellent motivator to help students see the potential in their own passions and to find ways to make a difference in their own world. The softly colored illustrations complement the story nicely. The writing itself is clear and descriptive with fun uses of language making this appealing story a great read-aloud.” —Bridget Slayden, Library Media Connection

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Jumping Jenny
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