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Cover: Read Anything Good Lately?
“Young bibliophiles will increase their literacy with this creative take n alphabet books: from A to Z, different types of reading material are linked to places where they can be enjoyed: ‘an atlas at the airport,’ ‘a biography in bed,’ and so on. As is often the case in alphabet books, the most challenging letters are a bit of a stretch (‘whatever in the waiting room’; ‘x rays in the examination room,’), but not inappropriate. The range of reading material mentioned is impressive (‘gossip in the grocery line’), but even perusing the tabloids is reading, after all. The illustrations are cheerful, colorful, and busy with lots to look at, and the letter in question is colored red in the text and helpfully included in a frame in the upper-left corner of the page. Suggestions for more pairings close the book, giving it some curricular value.”

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Read Anything Good Lately?
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