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Cover: Passover Scavenger Hunt

“Enjoy a new way to hide and hunt for the afikoman at the Passover Seder.Traditions are an integral part of every family Passover Seder, but for Rachel the hunt for the afikoman has gotten boring. Her great-uncle Harry, who leads the Seder, uses the same three hiding places, and the children know exactly where to look. (The afikoman, the middle board of matzo, is usually hidden by the adult conducting the Seder, found by the children after an adventurous hunt, and redeemed for a present.) Rachel decides that this year she will hold a scavenger hunt to add to the fun. She assembles her art supplies and hands out the first clue, a piece from a jigsaw puzzle. This clue, written in verse, provides a hint to where to find the following clue and is also a reference to a food on the Seder plate. There’s some confusion, much laughter, and finally success as the puzzle is assembled: it’s a Seder plate, and the missing matzo is uncovered underneath the actual Seder plate on the table. Silva’s story is humorous, and children familiar with the holiday will enjoy solving the clues. Sakamoto’s people are round-faced and white, with cartoon eyes, blush-red cheeks, and big smiles. This may help families develop a new and fun-filled addition to their Seder traditions.”—Kirkus Reviews

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Passover Scavenger Hunt
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