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“Part of the umbrella Pull Ahead Books series, these small, square Community Helpers books introduce young children to jobs that enable society to function smoothly. Each page has a well-chosen, full-color photo accompanied by a sentence of text that extends or explains the picture. In Doctors, children get a sense of the many things doctors do – give shots, examine X rays – and see some of the equipment they commonly use. The photos are equally informative in Police, but they are sharper in quiality. Officers are pictured on horseback, in cars, and on foot; they are shown making an arrest, working with a police dog, helping at a traffic accident. A concluding superficial “history” seems a waste of space, but the ‘facts’ page broadens the content. For instance, in Police, children learn about transit police; in Doctors, they’ll read that ‘Some patients feel better quickly. Others may never get well. Losing a patient can be hard for a doctor.’ Children will come away with a good idea of what each job entails as well as how community helpers can help them. A list of books and Web sites and a glossary conclude each volume." —Booklist

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