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Cover: Dinosaur Goes to Israel

“Dinosaur-loving Middle-Eastern tourists may be a small demographic, but this book targets them perfectly.

There’s a theory that any book can be improved by putting a dinosaur in it. You may have a child in your family who believes that ‘Hansel and Gretel and Stegosaurus’ would be ten times better than the original. And so we have a travel guide about a dinosaur who goes to the Holy Land. Sample verse: ‘I ride up Mt. Masada. / Dino hikes the snakey path. / We cool off at the Dead Sea. / He enjoys a warm mud bath.’ The other verses don’t scan any better. The book does provide an authentic Israeli experience, of sorts: falafel, the Western Wall, souvenir shopping at a shuk. Readers will learn half-a-dozen Hebrew words and find out that a shuk is a marketplace. But there’s a very inauthentic dinosaur on every page. This may be a test of character. If you have to ask why a dinosaur has taken a plane to Israel, this isn’t the book for you.

If your child points to the cover and tells you the name of the dinosaur on the front, you may need to purchase this book. Otherwise, you can buy a dinosaur toy and a travel book and safely keep them separate.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Dinosaur Goes to Israel
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