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Cover: Jodie's Passover Adventure

“All Jodie dreams about is being a famous archaeologist, just like her dad. As a prize for finding the afikomen at the Passover seder, Jodie is given a new flashlight, so she invites her cousin, Zach, to join her and her father at Hezekiah’s Tunnel, a famous archeological site in the old city of Jerusalem.

Once they arrive, her dad encourages them to begin their adventure. So Jodie leads Zach down an underground passageway that is very dark, cold, wet and smelly. As they proceed, they eat Passover mints to hide the smell. Soon they see weird scratch marks on the wall, Zach is convinced it is from dinosaurs, but Jodie tells him that they existed long before the King lived here. So they must be chiseled marks from when it was being built.

As they move further along, they start to see light at the end of the tunnel. They’ve made it. Dad is on the other end waiting for them, and is anxious to hear about their adventure as they sit down for a Passover picnic.

The author lives in Israel, just outside of Jerusalem. This is her second Jodie adventure tale. All of her books take place in Israel and reflect her love of archaeology, and the richness of history in that country.

Filled with detailed and beautiful illustrations, children can feel like they are partaking in Jodie’s mysterious adventure just by flipping the pages. This is the illustrator’s second Jodie adventure book.

Perfect for ages 5-9.” —The Jewish Journal

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