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Cover: Izzy the Whiz and Passover McClean

“Izzy the whiz kid has created the perfect invention, just in time for Passover. Izzy is no ordinary kid; he is an amateur inventor. His mother is experiencing Passover blues as she is trying to tidy the house for Passover and rid it of any hametz.

Izzy has just the solution to help ease his mother’s stress. He decides to invent a machine that can clean the house and make it neat just in time for Passover. His new invention is called Super- McDuper Passover McClean.

Izzy is ready to test Mr. McClean. He hits the red button and cranks the green handle, and Mr. McClean comes to life, belching and purring and ready for work.

He whirls around Izzy’s bedroom, eating all the crumbs in his room as well as the bed, the rug, the books on his shelf and his toys and much more, and then, Mr. McClean does an about-face and spits each item out and puts them back in place.

Izzy checks his room and there is not a crumb or a thing out of place. Mr. McClean is a success. Now it is time to surprise his mother while she is sleeping and do the living room.

Izzy turns on Mr. McClean and he sucks up the cordless phone, the desk, a computer, but wait, Izzy smells smoke, and sees a spark. Poor Mr. McClean has gone dark and even worse; all the items in the living room are stuck inside him.

Thank goodness Izzy is so handy. He pulls out his tools and begins to work on Mr. McClean. Soon he comes back to life and spews all the items out, but Izzy is confused, everything is upside down. So he hits the reverse button and saves the day. Everything is returned to its proper order.

When it’s time for the seder on Passover night, the house is spotless and Izzy’s mom is thrilled with how everything turned out.

This is an adorable rhyming story that children will love. It is cheery and entertaining and filled with bright and beautiful illustrations to capture kids’ imagination. There is also a glossary in the back of the book to teach children about this important Jewish holiday.

Perfect for ages 3-8.” —The Jewish Journal

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Izzy the Whiz and Passover McClean
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