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Cover: Escape from Egypt

“Twins Scarlett and Sam are quarreling while their parents and grandmother are getting ready for the Pesach seder. Their quarrel leads to a trip on their grandmother’s magic carpet that transports them back in time to ancient Egypt. Although they are still in their modern garb they are mistaken for Hebrews of the time and are taken into slavery. After a har­rowing experience, they escape and become part of Moses and Aaron’s entourage as they request and then demand that Pharaoh lets the Hebrews leave. The storyline remains quite true to the Biblical text with some midrashim incorporated in order to enhance the story. An extra wrench is thrown into the story when Scarlett and Sam befriend Pharaoh’s oldest son. Kimmel incorporates sibling rivalry between Pharaoh and Moses, time-travel references including quotes from television shows and podcast narratives, and premoni­tions as Sam and Scarlett are familiar with the Torah story. This book can serve as a discussion starter for parsha discussions or the Pesach seder at school or at home.

Stevanovic’s sketches enhance the story pro­viding visuals of Aaron, Moses, Sam, Scarlett, and other key characters.” — Jewish Book World

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Escape from Egypt
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