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Cover: Hannah's Way

“After Hannah’s father loses his job during the Depression, the family moves to a rural town in northern Minnesota where he will work in his brother’s general store. Hannah is not only the new girl in her class; she’s also the only Jewish child in the whole school. When the teacher announces the date of the class picnic and offers to arrange carpools, Hannah desperately wants to go. But the picnic is on a Saturday and her family is Orthodox. ‘Why can’t I ride in a car? It’s not driving. It’s just sitting’ she begs her parents. Hannah finally tells her teacher she can’t ride on a Saturday, but says she can walk with someone. To Hannah’s surprise, when the teacher asks who would like to walk with her, every single hand in the class is raised. Adam Gustavson’s paintings accurately reflect the period, and an author’s note explains that the story was inspired by a true episode. Recommended for ages 5-9.” —Jewish Book World

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