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Cover: Bim and Bom, 2nd Edition: A Shabbat Tale

Bim and Bom: A Shabbat Tale is a picture book about the experience of preparing for and observing Shabbat. Both the text and illustrations effectively convey the spiritual uniqueness of Shabbat. I particularly enjoyed the illustrations, which show challah baking and candle lighting. I also like that the book communicates that people can use their different talents and strengths to help make Shabbat a rich and spiritually rewarding experience. Additionally, I appreciate the ethical message conveyed through both the text and illustrations. On Fridays, Bim, who works as a carpenter, builds homes for needy people. On Fridays, Bom, who works as a baker, bakes challah to give to needy people. The book gave me a greater appreciation for the role of chesed in Judaism. Bim and Bom: A Shabbat Tale is a fun way of introducing children to Shabbat observance. The book also teaches that preparing for Shabbat and observing Shabbat can be, and frequently are, spiritually rewarding.” —Jewish Book World

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Bim and Bom, 2nd Edition: A Shabbat Tale
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