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Cover: The Queen Who Saved Her People

“Gentle humor, clever rhyme, dynamic illustrations, and biblical accuracy deliver an energetic, age-appropriate holiday story through a dexterous narrative that converts to a drama script. Author Tilda Balsley gifts the picture book crowd, their teachers, and parents with an inviting look at Purim’s biblical and holiday lore. Her compact tale holds attention through strong, well-described characters who are distinct personalities able to shine in the play format, achieved through the smart but simple use of color in each character’s dialogue. Without straying from Megillat Esther, Balsley enchants with heroine Easther, goody Mordechai, baddy Haman, flawed human King Ahasheurus, and a rich supporting group of others from Vashti to Haman’s wife. The narrator keeps motive and action moving in orderly fashion in both the narrative and dramatic form without spoiling the fun. The rhymes are excellent—unforced while carefully maintaining established rhythm. The layout highlights fun asides in speech balloons to underline or embroider the story. Balsley initiated this format in her 2008 Let My People Go, where she teamed with illustrator Ilene Richard. As in their earlier book, here Richard’s illustrations are charming, mobile, active, and flavored with Near Eastern sensibility. They support the text while imagining what these historical characters looked like and did. This picture book is well focused, well thought-out, and well delivered.” —Jewish Book World

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The Queen Who Saved Her People
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